Our Mission

Club Luminous is a free, volunteer-run program for kids to come together and enjoy learning. Our mission is to promote learning activities for elementary to middle school students that emphasize STEM topics, creativity and imagination. Club Luminous strives to help your children enjoy educational pursuits that are logical, stimulating and fun.

At Club Luminous we believe that curiosity and exploration leads to delightful learning experiences. As a result, our activities consist of personalized guidance in a group setting where kids are provided with clear and simple instructions. We participate in various competitions, such as math tournaments, spelling bees, geography bees, Odyssey of the Mind, and First Lego League.

A weekly meeting may include presenting student PowerPoints about news in the STEM field, conducting spelling bees, practicing math for an upcoming competition, or holding work time for a science fair.

We welcome you to find the chapter closest to you and have a look for yourself to see the great educational benefits that Club Luminous can have on your children! Register here.


Our Structure

Club Luminous is organized into chapters across the country. Each chapter consists of up to seven kids between 4th to 7th grade and is run by a high school student. This high school student, or Chapter Leader, is responsible for conducting meetings and shaping your children’s minds to prepare them for competitions and help them become better scientists, engineers, and mathematicians. Chapter meetings are held weekly and the location and time are designated by the individual chapter leader. All Club Luminous Chapters participate in the same curriculum and inter-chapter competitions. However, individual chapters may also choose to participate in external competitions, such as Odyssey of the Mind, First Lego League, etc. outside of their regular meetings.

Club Luminous is not run through any schools. Instead, it forms a direct link between high school students and their community. If you are a high school student interested in starting a new chapter in your area, please register here.

The team works together and is a very lively group. We are always laughing, having fun, and learning!

Esha Karlekar

Member of Club Luminous

I like Club Luminous because I get to program, play games, and participate in contests. I also meet a lot of new people.

Bhavya Jaiswal

Member of Club Luminous