Project Paradigm

Link: For parents: Project Paradigm is a long term research that gives an annual problem for students of all ages to solve. This year’s problem concerns home fires. Students must research, study current prevention efforts, and engage with others to create a presentation to submit. There are also cash prizes involved! The top 100 teams will win cash prizes of up to $100,000. For more information on prizes and awards, follow this link: I believe this would be a great opportunity for the great minds of Club Luminous to put their heads together and tackle a problem that affects people around the globe. Sign up for the team on the home page!... read more



Scratch Program Expo

We will be holding a Scratch Program expo on April 25th. Winners will be named and awarded in the following categories: 1) Most Well-Written Program 2) Funniest 3) Best Graphic Design 4) Overall Most Fun to Play 5) Cutest 6) Most Original 7) Most... read more

Scratch Unit Starts Soon

We’re moving right onto the next project…Scratch! Scratch is a easy programming tool developed by MIT that we’re going to use to learn basic coding skills. Click on this link to learn more: Also, ask your parents to help you download this offline editor for the next meeting so we can get started right away: Play around with it a little and see what you can create. Have... read more



Spelling List #5

1. accidentally 2. attendance 3. cemetery 4. chief 5. committee 6. convenience 7. embarrass 8. dictionary 9. experience 10. foreign 11. grammar 12. independent 13. lightning 14. opposite 15. privilege 16. recommend 17. rhythm 18. strengthen 19. yacht 20. vacuum **Learn definitions as well as... read more

Club Luminous Research Paper

You must pick a global topic that you don’t already know a lot about. I want everyone to study a different topic, so once you have an idea, comment below. Once it’s approved, I’ll add it to this google doc. Get your ideas in quick, because if your idea is already on the doc, you’ll have to choose another. If you want to change your topic later, email your chapter leader and we can sort it out. You must describe the problem, current solutions that have been put into place, and then come up with your own solution to the problem. Your solution must be semi-realistic. For example, if you are describing a not-yet-invented type of technology as your solution, you must describe how it works and the basic science behind it. Your paper should be at least two pages long, double spaced with 12 pt Times New Roman font. You’ll need a bibliography on a third page for all the sources you used. Your paper must be well organized, with a clear intro, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Write your name and Chapter in the Header. Create a 10 minute (must be 10 minutes!) presentation. This can include a powerpoint, media, posters, or a video (made by you!). Your presentation MUST include some form of audience participation. The presentation will take place on August 1st**. Don’t wait until the last minute! **This is subject to change as space for the presentation has not been booked... read more

Spelling List #4

onomatopoeia omnipotent poignancy potpourri pediatrician conscious conscience confiscate chrysanthemum allegiance colleague characteristic peril matriarch patriarch philanthropist partiality palatable colonel chauffeur   Learn the definitions as well as the... read more



Codes to Know

Simple Letter Grouping Reverse Simple Letter Groupings Alphabet Shift Key Word Cipher Date Shift Code Twisted Path Alphabet... read more